Home Security System, Wireless 4G WiFi Alarm System with 1080p Surveillance Camera, 4.3" Touch Screen Home Burglar Alarm Compatible with Alexa Google Home

Product Features
  • ????Wireless Home Anti-theft Kit: including host, surveillance camera, door /motion sensors,SOS,alarm siren, RFID tag, remote control etc.; 4.3-inch color IPS display, capacitive touch screen full operation, real time Main interface status bar, data and clock are displayed, and the host status is very clear. It supports multilingual menu, voice operation and SMS alert.NO Monthly Fees.
  • ????4G WiFi Home Alarm: Connect to Wi-Fi via Tuya app and place sensors where you need them most. The ultra-high decibel siren helps deter intruders. Hub has a built-in rechargeable battery. It can keep working for 2-3 hours in emergency situations such as power outages.
  • ????Wireless home burglar alarm: supports up to 99 wireless sensors and 4 wired zones and 10 remote controls. Add additional door / window sensors, motion sensors, keypads, water leakage sensors, doorbells and more to quickly and easily expand your entire home protection to fit the size and layout of your home
  • ????Complete Alarm Control: Remotely turn PGST alarms on and off via Smart Life app, remote control or voice command (works with Alexa). In case of emergency, you can press the SOS button on the remote control to receive assistance.Up to multiple groups of preset alarm call, you can set their SMS switch, dial switch. It can record up to 20 seconds of alarm messages and voice
  • ????Easy Setup and Networking: Pre-connected wireless accessories make installation quick and easy. No tools, no screws required. Just connect the base station to a power source and connect the base station to Wi-Fi via the Smart Life app. - Supports multiple access zone settings such as access zone, interior zone, perimeter zone, 24 hour zone, doorbell, etc. Support multiple setting of defense zone name for main door, etc.

Manufacturer Information
  • Comes as a Combo Set
  • PG 107 WiFi 4G GSM Alarm System Home Security with PIR Motion Sensor Support Smart Life APP Control


    PG107-4G Alarm System with 4.3 inch IPS color display, fully capacitive touchscreen operation and a simple human-computer interaction interface. The main interface status bar, status pane, date and clock are displayed in real time, and host status is clear at a glance. Powerful integrated CPU master control based on 32-bit Cortex-M3 core. Based on multi-tasking operating system design, with excellent user experience.


    • Wireless alarm network support: use the most advanced 4G module, support 4G / 3G / GSM SIM card (this product does not have a SIM card, please buy a SIM card by yourself), real-time monitoring alarm, support for editing SMS APP (NO APP function), SOS, SMS, voice monitoring, alarm control panel network
    • Home alarm system with touch screen design: 4.3 inch color display. Easy to use and install, simple human-machine interface and menu guide design. Support the languages ​​of 10 countries, you can change the system language settings according to users' needs.
    • The wireless home alarm system can be used in two environments:

    1. It does not need network and the alarm system can also realize the alarm function on site without inserting a SIM card
    2. Only a SIM card is needed and the alarm can be controlled remotely and alarm messages can be received remotely

    • Multifunctional home alarm system: independent messaging function, can be used as an answering machine; The panel has built-in battery, which can keep working for 2-3 hours in case of power failure. Message reminder functions such as connect and disconnect power and low battery; when the door or window is not closed, the system will remind you when the system is armed


    How to Add to Alexa or Google assistant:

    1. Open the smart life app or Tuya app
    2. Click the alarm system
    3. Press top right corner, you will see Third-party control
    4. Click Alexa or Google assistant
    5. Sign in the accout and setting.


    Warm Tips:

    • Make sure your WIFI network can configure 2.4G and 5G networks. PG107 only supports 2.4G connections. Support for 4G GSM SIM cards.
    • If the network setup doesn't work, try restarting the router.
    • Network distribution equipment and cell phones should be as close to the router as possible.
    • If you need to switch to another mobile phone to set up the network, please first click the smart alarm icon on the first Smart Life mobile phone, then click "settings", click "restore factory settings". Then you can use another mobile phone to set up the network.
    • The door sensor and the magnet are aligned up and down and the gap between the two should not exceed 1cm.
    • After the installation is finished, open the door to test, the door sensor light will light up to show that the installation is correct and give a signal when it is opened.
    • The magnetic door light flashes to indicate that the battery is low and the battery should be replaced as soon as possible.
    • The transmission distance of the door / bell / remote control sensor is less than or equal to 80 meters (without obstacles). Try after installation. Different obstacles will have different distances.

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