WiFi and GSM 17-Piece kit, Wireless Home Security Alarm System, Door/Window Sensor Entry Sensors (x10) with Smart Life and Tuya App Alert, 24/7 Monitoring Works with Google Assistant and Alexa

Product Features
  • ????No hidden costs and subscription fee: No contract with security company with Free app, your alarm kit includes 1 alarm host,1 motion detector, 2 remote controls, 10 door/window sensors, 2 rfid cards and 1 wired siren, all come with the required batteries.
  • ????Support WIFI and GSM dual network(you can use GSM if there is no WIFI, The WIFI only can work with 2.4G, not work with 5G), Different alarm status: away arm, home arm, delay arm and timely arm
  • ????The home alarm system can add a total of up to 100 sensors and 2 wired sensors, no longer have to concern about leaving the door open and always think about the home will enter the burglars, Independent zone delay alarm and arming.
  • ????Power goes off and comes back on send SMS function, with a backup battery, no longer have to worry about burglar cut off the power and make the alarm failure, Arming and alarm deactivation can be conveniently done by remote control, app rfid card or call.
  • ????Long range singnal, the door sensor built in long antenna, can covers up to 2,500sq. ft. You can Choose the Alarm kit that fits your needs and add additional components and accessories at any time. such as motion detector, shock sensor, range extention, water leak sensor etc.

Manufacturer Information
  • motion detector *1
  • Door/window sensor *10
  • Key Fob *2
  • Alarm Panel*1
  • Rfid card *2
  • Loud Mini siren*1
  • WiFi&GSM 17-Piece kit Touchpad Wireless Home Security Alarm System 24/7 Monitoring Works with Google Assistant and Alexa Black Color.

    wifi gsm alarm systemwifi gsm alarm system

    The alarm system only works with 2.4G wifi, not work with 5G Wifi, before pairing to wifi , please turn on the bluetooth.


    1. WIFI / GSM / intranet alarm system: APP push,Voice monitoring,intranet center etc. Support different alarm channels. Enjoy the intelligent life.
    2. English / Russian / Spanish / German / Polish / Chinese / Italian / French / Portuguese / Greek / Romanian switchable: Support multi-language menu display, voice operation prompts and alarm SMS settings. GSM network automatic proofreading,to ensure accurate clock,support time zone settings, Convenient for multi-area application.
    3. Remotely monitoring alarm: When accident invasion,the phone remotely grasp the situation, high decibel live alarm through the host timely dial,send APP message push and 120db sounds.
    4. Configure RFID cards: Configure 2 RFID cards, Support 100 learning/storage location for remote controller, RFID cards and wireless detector.
    5. Multi-zone location settings: Such as gate,hall,SOS,bedroom,Window,balcony,perimeter,smoke,gas, Carbon monoxide,water leaking etc zone name settings.
    6. Five types defense zones setting: Ordinary zone,stay arm,24-hour emergency zone,closed zone, doorbell zone,Meet a variety of needs.
    7. Timely notification: When External power failure,built-in battery low power, When External power success, the alarm will send APP push notification.
    8. Timing arm and disarm: Set the arm and disarm in advance,so that life is safe every day.
    9. Delay function: User can set arm delay and alarm delay according to own needs.

    Works With Alexa and Google assistant.

    works with amazon alexa and google assistantworks with amazon alexa and google assistant

    How to Add to Alexa or Google assistant:

    1. Open the smart life app or Tuya app,
    2. Click the alarm system,
    3. Press top right corner, you will see Third-party control
    4. Click Alexa or Google assistant,
    5. Sign in the accout and setting.

    How to connect WiFi? It is highly recommended to read here before connecting to a WiFi router. Before connect to wifi router, please check below points.

    1. Please make sure your wifi work at 2.4G mode, if your wifi support 2.4G & 5G double band, please disable 5G wifi at first, the alarm system will only identify 2.4G wifi. After alarm system connect to wifi router already, then you can enable 5G wifi for your router. Alarm system will keep connect to 2.4G wifi all the time.
    2. Please make sure your wifi router will not block the device MAC address.
    3. Please make sure wifi signal strong. Advice put the alarm system and your phone less than 2 meter distance from the wifi router during connect the device to wifi router.


    Q: Which mode to choose when connect wifi?

    A: 2 modes to choose: Smartlink Configure / SoftAP Configure.you can watch the video below: how to add soujamao alarm system to app.

    Q: I can not make sure my wifi router have problem or not. How to do?

    A: You can prepare another mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot (Just like a wifi router)

    door sensor motion detector
    Contact sensor Motion sensor
    Features Know if a Door or Window is Opened or Closed Get instant mobile alerts when motion is detected
    Placement Mounts to doors and windows Mounts to room corners or flat walls
    Work with soujamao alarm system
    2.4GHz Wi-Fi network support only
    Battery included

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