Wireless WiFi Smart Home Security DIY Alarm System DIY Home Wi-Fi Alarm Kit with Motion Detector,Notifications with app,Door/Window Sensor, Siren,Compatible with Alexa,NO Monthly Fees (LW-103)

Product Features
  • 【EASY AND QUICK INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL & NO MONTHLY FEES】-- There are absolutely no monthly fees, installation costs, or contracts required. Buy your equipment upfront and self-monitor! Everything you need comes in a box and works in any small business, house, condo or rental apartment. If you want to avoid the tedious process of running cables on your property or have tenant contract restrictions or want to avoid spending money on a professional installation, this system is for you!
  • APP CONTROL : When important entry areas such as windows/doors are opened, or when motion is detected, get a instant push alerts on your phone and an alarm will issue a 120dB alert. The main controller hub is responsible for connecting with all of the sensors
  • 【COMPLETE CONTROL FROM SMART LIFE APP】-- This self-monitoring system allows you to arm and disarm the system, get notifications, set alarm modes, sync all your Alarm devices and monitor them from the Smart Life App! If Wi-Fi isn’t available, you will need to use your phone"s data plan. When you receive event notifications, you control over making the decision to contact the local authorities.
  • 【#1 CHOICE FOR RENTERS AND FREQUENT MOVERS】-- Most landlords do not allow you to drill holes in the wall or install complex security systems so the Wi-Fi Alarm System is best overall precisely because it"s simple, super affordable, it’s easy to install and it does its job. The ability to take down and set up your system in less than 30 minutes also makes it perfect for frequent movers!
  • 【PROTECTION FOR BREAK-INS & EMERGENCIES】-- Be the first to know when doors and windows open. Link all your Wi-Fi Alarm components and pair them to your mobile devices with the Alarm Panel. Get help as soon as you need it by placing the wireless display hub within reach to press the panic button (SOS) to quickly sound the siren.

Manufacturer Information
  • Alarm system LW-103-4G * 1 Wireless PIR Detector * 1 Remote control * 2 Door sensor * 5 PE-513 Siren * 1 RFID tag * 2 SOS button*1
  • Wireless Smart Home Security GSM(4G)+WIFI Alarm System


    The alarm system is suitable for apartments, apartment buildings and small businesses. The product includes an alarm base station, door sensors, an anti-animal motion sensor (advanced "physical motion sensor" and anti-animal technology), remote controls and a wired siren. The system be enlarged 99 wireless defense zones

    • Smart Life APP control(Download this APP on your phone), support 4G and WiFi dual network.(This product does not contain a SIM card, please buy a SIM card by yourself)
    • No Monthly Fees, this system has no monthly fees or contracts, you can use it all the time, you can add additional extra sirens, motion sensors (PIR), or door and window sensors to meet your requirements as you need them.
    • Install in Minutes, you can do it by your own, everything you need comes in a box. Simply connect the siren then plug the panel on a wall near an outlet! Connect WIFI or use a SIM card, enjoy your 24/7 protection!

    This Alarm Kit is a cost-effective alarm kit. Human-computer interaction interface.


    The main interface status bar, status pane, date and clock are displayed in real time, and the host status is very clear. Support multi-language menu display, voice operation instructions and alarm SMS settings.

    • Packing list:
    • Alarm system LW-103-4G * 1
    • Wireless PIR Detector * 1
    • Remote control * 2
    • Door sensor * 5
    • PE-513 Siren * 1
    • RFID tag * 2
    • SOS button*1


    Voice alerts, installation settings and daily operations are more humane.

    The integrated local language messages can automatically send the alarm information when it is activated.


    • Different arming modes: immediate remote arming, delayed from outside, from home, arming at a scheduled time, remote by telephone. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, alarm switch-off function.

    • Remote control: host arming, disarming, monitoring, intercom and other functions. Requests: the host automatically records all information on alarm events.

    • Additional functions: the system can be used as a mobile phone that can make calls, control calls, reload calls and other functions via the host keyboard. One button control; insertion from outside and from home, via remote control and remote via telephone.

    Set the schedule via the remote control and can remember up to 5 wireless remote controls.


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